Company History


May Completion of GAM3's Custom Items feature.


September The Orbium was rebranded as the Tinydark Hub, bringing with it better connectivity between games.
July URPG's combat update. It included new event UI and was the biggest content drop to date.
July Registered Tinydark Studio as a real company! 🥳
May Launched the new website! Finalized our mission and prepared for Orbium's rebranding.


Year Work continued on GAM3 and URPG. We saw content added to URPG alongside big upgrades such as the crafting system, decay system, and a massive performance audit.


December URPG is released for closed alpha testing.
July GAM3's refactoring effort is declared finished.
February Launched a prototype game named Elevator to test out multiplayer systems in GAM3.


Year Work began on refactoring GAM3, adding multiplayer and roleplay features. Bean Grower and Orbium both saw big releases.


November The Orbium's redesign is complete. It is released into v1.
May Bean Grower is released! This is the studio's first finished game.


September Tinydark is born and all websites are migrated to a new, powerful, production-ready server.
May Fireburner demo released privately. Work continues.
January We announce that MonBre will enter passive development.


October The rise and fall of the project codenamed "Necro."
August GAM3 is marked and released as version 1.0! This was a huge milestone for the studio.
April Spring Update for The Orbium. Many smaller, unnamed releases were subsequent to this.


April The Orbium reaches beta.
June Daiele releases to the public! It's the most ambitious GAM3 prototype yet.


January The Orbium releases in an alpha state.


August The first GAM3 prototype releases: The Bear.
January GAM3 begins development.


December Bean Grower beta is publicly released. It's the first game released since MonBre.
August With great sadness, MurCity is cancelled.
January is released; the precursor to The Orbium.


Year Mostly finding an identity for MurCity and my studio. I decided on "Black Coat Studio," and imagined the developers as enigmatic beings donning black coats. Began work on


July MonBre goes on official hiatus to focus work on MurCity.


August MurCity releases to the web. It consists of little more than Hunters poking each other with sticks every few hours.


January MonBre is released to the web. It consists of little more than buying a monster and raising it via work.